Lamb and Tabbouleh Wrap
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Ever go to the fridge searching for something to eat for lunch and totally forgetting you had cooked a massive Lamb Shoulder the night before? Opening up that fridge and seeing that beautiful leftover lamb is a feeling of pure bliss. “YES!!! We’ve got Lamb!” is what you’d scream. Or something like that. Or, you may have just remember well in advance that you cooked enough Lamb Shoulder the night before for about 2 weeks’ worth of meals with the added bonus being you’ll have some amazing leftovers to chow down on. This Lamb and Tabbouleh Wrap is just perfect for lunch, takes no time to prepare and is brilliantly delicious

Use good quality bread or Tortilla for your wrap

One of the most critical ingredients in any pantry must be a good wrap type bread vessel. Either Pita Bread, or some Tortillas, or even just sliced bread. Having that starchy wrap to encase whatever lovely food you’ve got in the fridge makes for the simplest lunches, yet still gives you a ton of versatility in how you prepare the meal

Good quality bread is the key for a perfect wrap. You want to use freshly baked bread, as it will be the most pliable and taste the best. Older bread that’s been sitting around in the pantry for a while tends to break, and never tastes as good as the fresh stuff

For our recipe we have a great local grocery store that makes Pita Bread fresh every day. If you can get your hands on fresh Pita Bread that is baked super-thin, that would be our ideal recommendation. It wraps easily, and the lightness of the Pita Bread means it doesn’t dominate the flavor. The real star of the dish is the Lamb and Tabbouleh, as it should be!

Tortillas are another good choice for bread. Try to get the Jumbo Burrito-style tortillas for the best result. Smaller Tortillas for Tacos just won’t get the job done. Unless you want to make 4-5 smaller portions, then that could work. However, for a hearty wrap, go with the Jumbo Burrito Tortillas!

Lamb Salad Wrap close up

Leftovers from our Roast Lamb and Tabbouleh Salad is what we’re using for this dish

For this recipe, we’re keeping it super simple using leftovers from dishes in our weekly meal plan here. Pita Bread, Roast Lamb Shoulder, Tabbouleh Salad, and if you plan ahead, some lovely Tzatziki or a simple homemade Yoghurt Sauce. We’ve got all of these delicious recipes ready to go for you. So we suggest following our weekly meal plan, as it will yield 3 amazing dishes for you and the family to eat throughout the week

Add some good quality Feta Cheese for even more flavor to your Greek Lamb and Tabbouleh Wrap

What jazzes this wrap up a little bit is the addition of Feta Cheese. A true Greek classic cheese bursting with that zingy flavor and amazing crumbly texture. It pairs so well with the Lamb and Salad, you’ll absolutely love it

When it comes to Feta Cheese, quality makes a big difference. You can taste the difference between well crafted, artisan Feta Cheese compared to the mass produced stuff. Our recommendation is to spend a little bit of extra money and buy the good stuff

Great Feta Cheese is typically found in jars soaked in Olive Oil. That’s the stuff to get! Not only will you enjoy the most flavorful, creamy Feta Cheese, but when the jar is done you’ve got the beautifully flavored Olive Oil that you can use as seasoning for Salads and similar dishes such as this Lamb and Tabbouleh Wrap

Recipe Details


2 people

Prep time

8 minutes

Cooking time

4 minutes

Total time

12 minutes

Lamb and Tabbouleh Wrap Recipe


  • Leftover Roast Lamb Shoulder (recipe here)
  • Leftover Tabbouleh Salad (recipe here)
  • 2 large pieces of Pita Bread
  • ½ cup Greek Yoghurt
  • Zest of ½ a Lemon
  • Juice of ½ a Lemon
  • 1 Garlic Clove, finely chopped
  • ½ tsp. Salt


  1. Begin by making the Yoghurt sauce by combining the Greek Yoghurt, Lemon Zest, Lemon Juice, Garlic and Salt into a small bowl. Mix thoroughly then set aside
  2. Chances are you’ll have a large Lamb Shoulder in the fridge. Carve off a good portion for 2 people (approximately 12 oz. or so) and cut into small, bite sized cubes
  3. Lay out your Pita Bread and in no particular order layer a good portion of Leftover Lamb, Tabbouleh and Feta Cheese into the center of the Pita. Be sure to leave at least half the surface of the Pita bread completely uncovered with food to allow enough space to adequately wrap
  4. Finally drizzle over a generous helping of the Yoghurt dressing before you wrap the Pita
  5. You can wrap the Pita however you want however our suggestion is to check out this video below or here for the perfect wrap folding technique. Basically, fold it similarly how you would a Burrito and you’ll be in great shape!
  6. Finally, and this is optional, place your Wrap into a sandwich press for 3-4 minutes until the bread is lovely and crispy. Cut in half then serve with some additional Yoghurt sauce on the side and enjoy

We hope you’ve enjoyed making this delicious Lamb and Tabbouleh Wrap using leftovers from our beautiful Roast Lamb Shoulder and Tabbouleh Salad with Couscous recipes. We’re huge fans of getting the most out of leftovers, which is why we’ve dedicated a section of our website to Lunching on Leftovers

If you enjoyed this recipe, why not make some of these other awesome dishes inspired by using great quality leftovers:

Happy Cooking!

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