Simple Yoghurt Sauce
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It’s always good to have a recipe like this in your arsenal. This is a super Simple Yoghurt Sauce that tastes delicious and can be whipped up in minutes. There are countless amounts of uses for this sauce. It can be used as a great cooling element to a fiery curry or a great addition to a Greek Style Wrap. You can pair it with some fresh seafood. You can even just spread it on some crusty bread and it tastes great

How to make a Simple Yoghurt Sauce

Simply put, having a delicious Yoghurt Sauce can really elevate your home cooking. All you need is some Yoghurt (Greek Yoghurt is preferable), A Lemon, and some Salt. We’re being a little bit fancy here with the addition of Garlic, however that’s it! Simple and delicious!

As with any sauces (well, all recipes really) we recommend you taste as you go when preparing this sauce. We’ve given some recommended volumes for each ingredient in the recipe below, but we also understand everyone’s palate is a little different. Personally, we’re fans of heavy seasoning, so our recipe is heavy on the Acid (Lemon) and Garlic

We’ve found that you get the most punch out of this classic Yoghurt Sauce when you dial up the Garlic and Lemon Juice. However, if you like your Sauce a little more subtle on the flavors then scale those quantities back a little bit. The best tip is to add a little bit of each and then taste. If you think the sauce needs more seasoning, then add a little more until you’ve got the perfect quantities for your tastes

You may also want to alter the quantities of ingredients depending on what you plan on doing with the Simple Yoghurt Sauce. For instance, if you’re using the sauce in some classic Greek Food, you may want a slightly higher Garlic proportions. If it’s going to be used as a sauce to provide some ease to spicy dishes such as Curries or Mexican food, then scale back the Garlic a touch

Yoghurt Sauce is so versatile, you can use it in so many different styles of recipes!

Having this sauce in your back pocket will elevate your home cooking game across so many different types of cuisines and food. It’s a great sauce to accompany a plethora of amazing dishes

Yoghurt Sauce with Salads

Add a touch of this wonderful Yoghurt Sauce to salads for a beautiful flavor and added body. The creaminess of the Sauce will turn a regular everyday salad into a heartier meal. We’ve got a bunch of beautiful Salad recipes here. This sauce will work great alongside these salads:

As a stand-alone Dipping Sauce

Yoghurt Sauce is slept on as a dipping sauce. It’s a fantastic alternative to some of the more common dipping sauces like Ketchup, Relish, and BBQ Sauce. Next time you’re making some yummy appetizers why not try whipping up some of this Simple Yoghurt Sauce as a sauce and see what you think! Here are a few of our favorite appetizers that work great with this Yoghurt Sauce

Great in Spicy Food

Yoghurt Sauce is a wonderful Sauce to pair with spicy food, particularly Asian and Mexican spicy food. The cooling effects of Yoghurt provides relief to burning mouths across the world when spicy food is being consumed. It provides wonderful balance, so you can get through the entire spicy dish without feeling overwhelmed

We love spicy food here at Dinnertime Somewhere. Here are a few of our favorite spicy dishes that we’d recommend pairing alongside

Classic Greek Dishes

Finally, the heartland for a classic Yoghurt Sauce is Greek Food. What Greek dish would be complete without some delicious Yoghurt Sauce to complete the meal! Of course, the classic Yoghurt Sauce for Greek food is none other than Tzatziki, which we have a lovely recipe for here. It’s a Yoghurt bases sauce like this one, just with some added Cucumbers and scaled up Lemon Juice

Here are some of our favorite Greek Recipes that taste amazing with some Yoghurt Sauce

Recipe Details


4 people

Prep time

5 minutes

Cooking time


Total time

5 minutes

Simple Yoghurt Sauce Recipe


  • 1 ½ Cups Greek Yoghurt
  • 2 Garlic Cloves, peeled and finely chopped
  • Juice of 1 Lemon
  • Zest of 1 Lemon
  • 1 tsp. Salt


  1. Place the Yoghurt, Garlic, Lemon Juice, and Lemon Zest into a small bowl and mix thoroughly
  2. Add the Salt then check the sauce for flavor and seasoning. Depending on the size of the Lemon you’re using you may want to add a little more. Just adjust based on your flavor preferences before serving

That’s it! So easy yet so delicious. You can add this sauce to our Lamb and Tabbouleh Wrap or our Crispy Salmon Kale Salad. Enjoy and happy cooking!

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