Avocado Toast with Feta
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As an Australian it is with some resemblance of pride when I see just how prevalent the humble Avocado Toast has had across the USA and the world. This was such a classic dish growing up in Australia, we never really considered it to be much of a fancy dish – definitely not something you would expect people to be paying top dollar in fancy cafes for, but here we are now! The perfect pairing is with Feta Cheese, making the Avocado Toast with Feta a stand out dish for breakfast, brunch or lunch

This is a great lunch recipe if you’ve got some leftover Avocado or even Guacamole from the previous night’s dinner. It doesn’t need to be too picky – if you’ve made great Guac, it’s going to taste great on bread! Just ensure you’ve got plenty of Limes or Lemons handy if you’re making it with fresh Avocado

The key to the best Avocado Toast is perfectly ripe Avocados

What is it about grocery stores and Avocados? Like seriously, is it ever possible to find a perfectly ripe Avocado straight off the shelf? If you are anything like us, you’re spending hours of your life squeezing thousands of Avocados to try and find one that doesn’t resemble a boulder in consistency!

I guess it makes sense, as the stores are likely leaving the Avocados out there for a few days and overtime they will ripen. However, there must be some Avocado aficionados out there who know exactly when those Avocados are perfectly ripe and buy the whole lot before any of us gets the chance to grab any!

Avocado Toast with Feta Top Down
Perfectly ripe Avocados is the key to making the best ever Avocado Toast with Feta Cheese

The good news is we here at Dinnertime Somewhere are all about encouraging better meal planning. As such, if you’re adding those amazing Avocado Toast with Feta Cheese recipe to your weekly meal plan then it will be a good idea to plan to make this dish for a hearty lunch, or even a light dinner a few days after you’ve bought all of the ingredients

This way you’re ensuring the Avocado has some time to ripen in your house before you’re ready to eat. The trick is to keep the Avocados out at room temperature. If you refrigerate Avocados they will take much longer to ripen. After about 2 days sitting at room temperature the Avocado will be perfectly tender and ready for use

You can, of course, use Avocados before they are ripe. We’ve found the flavor hasn’t fully developed however and the texture feels a little off for an Avocado Toast. However, if you’re in a pinch, there’s no rule saying you can’t eat Avocados before they’ve fully ripened

What makes the Avocado Toast with Feta Cheese recipe special is, you guessed it, the Feta Cheese!

What gives this dish a little bit of extra pop is the addition of Feta cheese. The cheese adds a lovely depth of tangy, salty flavor and compliments the creamy texture of the Avocado exceptionally well. You can always exclude the Feta Cheese to make this dish 100% Vegan, totally your choice and both options taste phenomenal

Try to avoid the super crumbly textures Feta and go for something with more of a creamy texture for a purely indulgent result. Some of the best quality Feta Cheese will come in a jar with good quality Olive Oil. We highly recommend adding a generous helping of that amazing Olive Oil to the Avocado Toast as well. It just adds more flavor and an even more luscious texture

No need to be picky on what Bread to use

Sure, it may not be as healthy, so you can avoid it if you like. However, for the ultimate flavor, pour a little Oil over the Toast for a phenomenal result!

For simple dishes like this one, there should never be any reason to be super picky about what bread to use. So, use whatever type of bread you personally prefer for toast. For us, we like using thick cut bread that holds its texture when toasting. This way the bread can hold an ample amount of the Avocado and Feta without falling apart. Critical for this dish give you’ll want to be picking it up and eating it with your hands

For this reason, we would recommend good quality Sourdough Bread. Cut it into thick slices and toast it on the stove top or under the grill for a few minutes on each side. You want the outside to be beautiful and crusty, almost charred in spots, but the inside to be lovely and fluffy. When it comes to toasting bread, nothing breads good quality Sourdough!

Avocado Toast with Feta before Feta being added
Avocado Toast is perfect with our without the Feta Cheese. It’s beautiful and refreshing

Recipe Details


2 people

Prep time

5 minutes

Cooking time


Total time

5 minutes

Avocado Toast with Feta Recipe


  • 1 Avocado, Halved and deseeded
  • 2 heaped tbsp. quality Feta Cheese
  • Juice of 1 Lime
  • 2 Slices of Thick Cut Bread (e.g. Sourdough)
  • Flaky Salt


  1. Toast your bread until it is crusty and slightly charred on the edges. Best to either use the broiler or on the grill / stovetop to get that lovely charred flavor
  2. Scoop out the Avocado from its skin and place into a small bowl then liberally mash The Avocado with the back of a fork. There is no need to mash the Avocado to a point it is completely smooth as we want to keep some lovely textures
  3. Add some Lime juice and season with salt to taste, ensuring you’re mixing in the Salt and Juice well into the mixture
  4. Smoosh the Avocado mixture generously over the Toast. We want there to be a liberal amount of Avocado on the toast, so be generous!
  5. Finally, lightly break up the Feta Cheese in a bowl or in your hands then sprinkle over the Avocado. Finish with Flakey Salt and serve with a Lime wedge

If you’ve enjoyed this Avocado Toast with Feta Cheese recipe please throw us a comment, or check out our Pinterest page for more beautiful Photos. Also, feel free to head over to our Lunching on Leftovers page for more delicious lunch recipes

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Happy Cooking!

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