Simple Guacamole Recipe
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It’s got to be up there with one of the world’s most favorite accompaniment dishes. Whether you’re chowing down on some chips, or filling up a Burrito or Taco, there’s no better dish to use than the mighty Guacamole. We’re throwing our hat in the ring and staking a bold claim that this Simple Guacamole Recipe of ours is one of the best you’ve ever tasted. So, let’s find out why!

The key to making the best Guacamole Recipe

Like so many things in life, and particularly when it comes to food and cooking, the simplest dishes are most often the best. This philosophy could not ring any truer than with our Simple Guacamole Recipe. All you need to make the best homemade Guac is some good quality ingredients, at their ripest. That’s it!

Ingredients for Guacamole
All you need to make this Simple Guacamole Recipe are good quality ingredients

There are no fancy techniques involved, there’s no special equipment needed. Just get some good quality ingredients and you’ll be enjoying some phenomenal tasting Guacamole to dip those Chips into in no time at all

A classic Guacamole consists of these primary ingredients: Avocado, Tomato, Onion, Jalapeno, Lime Juice, and Salt. Cilantro is an optional addition however it can be a polarizing ingredient with many in the food world, famed for either being loved, or revered for its sometimes ‘soapy’ taste. For our recipe, we’ve opted to exclude the Cilantro, as we find a classic Guacamole is perfect without it!

You want to ensure the ingredients are lovely and ripe before preparing the Guacamole. The biggest challenge is always the Avocado. It’s always a good strategy to buy the Avocados a few days in advance and keep them at room temperature for a few days in your house before you cook them. They’ll be at their ripest then, and will form a beautiful, creamy texture which is just perfect for a great Guacamole Dish

Simple Guacamole Recipe with Mortar and Pestle
The classic way to prepare a Simple Guacamole Recipe is with a Mortar and Pestle

To make Guacamole Easy, the best technique is using a Mortar and Pestle

The technique to create Guacamole is literally just mashing all the ingredients together. This can be done in a few ways, but we always recommend doing it by hand. Never use a blender or any kind of mechanical tools to blend your Guacamole. Hand mashing Guacamole will keep it lovely and aerated, resulting in a much lighter result. If you use a blender the Guacamole will become gummy and unpleasant

For the best result we recommend using a Mortar and Pestle. This is the kind of kitchen apparatus that every home cook should have, even if you only use it once every couple of months. When the need arises for some mashing, nothing beats the classic Mortar and Pestle

It’s a great tool for mashing and grounding up some of the tougher ingredients to get smooth, such as the Onions, Jalapeno, and Tomatoes. We recommend cutting both ingredients up as finely as possible with a knife. Remove the Seeds from the Tomatoes as well, as they will water down the overall flavor of the Guacamole

Place the diced Onions, Jalapenos, and Tomatoes into the Mortar and Pestle first and grind them up to form a rough paste. It doesn’t need to be super smooth, as the best Guacamole are the ones that still have a bit of texture to them. Once the Tomato and Onions are ground up it’s time to add the Avocado

Guacamole close up
Use a spoon to get that wonderful Avocado flesh out and then mash it all up to form this delicious side dish

Be careful when preparing your Avocado!

There have been numerous studies over the years on what is the main cause of kitchen injuries across the country. The culprit every time – the humble Avocado! We cannot stress enough to be careful when removing the stone from the center of the Avocado. Where the greatest number of injuries are caused is people use a knife to try and remove that stone / pit

Do not use a knife! It’s way too risky and just a pointless risk to potentially cause injury when you think about it. The best way to remove the Stone is to simply scoop it out with a Spoon. Here’s a great video on the proper technique to remove the Avocado Stone. Don’t worry if you hack up the Avocado a little bit when removing the Stone. It doesn’t matter anyway because we’ll be mashing all that beautiful flesh anyway

Once you’ve removed the Stone, use the same spoon to simply scoop out the Avocado flesh and place it into the Mortar and Pestle. Be careful not to get any of the Avocado Skin in there as it’ll have an awful texture. Once you’ve added the Avocado, simply smoosh it around with the Pestle to start to grind it up a bit

Chunky Guacamole
Keep the consistency of the Guacamole a little chunky for the best texture and appearance

The Perfect Guacamole – Chunky or Smooth?

The texture of the best Guacamole is always a hearty debate amongst food fans all around the world. It does come down to personal preference whether you want your Guac to be silky smooth, or a little bit chunky. Personally, for our Simple Guacamole Recipe we prefer a slightly chunky texture. It’s much easier to prepare, as you don’t need to spend ages grinding down all the Onions and Tomatoes into a super fine paste

A chunkier Guacamole also leaves a nicer texture we find. We’re not making a sauce, so having a super smooth Guacamole seems a bit weird when added into tacos, or even as a dip. When you’re dipping those Chips into the Guac, you want to be able to catch a few large chunks on the Chip instead of a smooth sauce!

So, when grinding the Avocado in the Mortar and Pestle, keep it rustic and chunky. Just break up the large pieces but keep somebody of the Avocado present for the best texture in your Guacamole

What are the best ways to eat Guacamole?

This may seem like a crazy question to ask because the answer is, every way imaginable! Seriously, there’s very few dishes in the culinary world where Guacamole won’t make it better. Remember about 7 years ago every dish seemed to have Bacon added to it? The phrase ‘everything’s better with Bacon’ was getting thrown around everywhere. Well, in our opinion, everything’s better with Guacamole!

If you’re making any kind of homemade Mexican food, whipping up a batch of this Simple Guacamole Recipe will enhance the meal so much. It’s perfect as a topping for Nachos, or as a filling for homemade Burritos and Tacos. We love it on the side for hot, cheesy Quesadillas, and Guacamole is perfect alongside some delicious Enchiladas

Simple Guacamole Recipe with Tacos
This Simple Guacamole Recipe is perfect alongside your favorite Mexican dishes, such as these delicious Chicken Tacos!

Of course, the other classic way to enjoy Guacamole is simply with a big bowl of Chips. You can whip up a big batch of this Guacamole, add it to a big bowl and serve it alongside a bag of Chips. You can go for plain, but we’re big fans of Nacho Cheese Doritos!

Here are a few of our favorite Mexican recipes that would be perfect to be served alongside a batch of this delicious and simple Guacamole Recipe:

Recipe Details


2 – 4 people

Prep time

10 minutes

Cooking time


Total time

10 minutes

Simple Guacamole Recipe


  • 2 ripe Avocados
  • 2 Tomatoes, deseeded and finely diced
  • ¼ Onion, finely diced
  • ½ Jalapeno, deseeded and finely diced
  • Juice of 2 Limes
  • ½ tsp. Salt


  1. Prepare all your ingredients by finely dicing them and deseeding the Tomatoes and Jalapeno
  2. Cut the Avocados in half with a sharp knife and then remove the seed carefully with a large spoon. Do not remove the seed with a knife!
  3. Place the diced Onion, Tomatoes, and Jalapeno into a Mortar and Pestle and grind them down to form a chunky paste. It’s ok if there are still some larger chunks of the ingredients in there
  4. Scoop out the Avocado flesh and add to the Mortar and Pestle. Grind the Avocado so it has broken up into a thicker paste. We prefer to keep the Guacamole chunky, so just grind it until you’re at your desired consistency
  5. Add the Juice of 1 Lemon and half the Salt and mix in. Check for seasoning before adding any more. If needed, add the remaining Lime Juice and Salt. Mix well then serve immediately

Recipe Notes

  • For a spicier Guacamole you can keep some of the seeds in the Jalapeno. You can also add some Red Chili to the Guac for even more spice!
  • If you do not have a Mortar and Pestle you can mash the ingredients together with a fork or a knife. Simply place them into a bowl and mash until you achieve your desired consistency
  • Avocados will begin to oxidize once they are cut open, and will start to turn a brown color. They are still perfectly fine to eat, just a little less pleasant to look at. To prevent the oxidization, prepare the Guacamole immediately before serving. Acid from the Lime Juice will also stop the Avocados from oxidizing

Everyone needs a delicious and Simple Guacamole Recipe in their arsenal, and we hope you’re adding this one to your repertoire! For more delicious sauces and sides check out our dedicated page here. If you enjoyed this recipe, why not try out a few of our other favorite side dishes:

Happy Cooking!

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