Light and Healthy Meals
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In last week’s meal plan we shared some of our favorite hearty meals, perfect for colder nights when you’re after some warming, big meals. This week we’re going in the opposite direction and instead sharing some of our favorite Light and Healthy Meals. As the weather is starting to get warmer for our Northern Hemisphere friends, we felt it’s the perfect time to share some tasty meals that are a little lighter. Perfect for those warm Spring and Summer months ahead

Kicking things off with one of the most addictive bites of food you can eat

Ever been presented with a big bowl of your favorite bite-sized snacks and only eaten one? No, we haven’t either! The traditional snacks you’d expect in a big bowl, particularly at parties, are the usual suspects, Chips, Pretzels, Peanuts, maybe even some M&Ms. However, we put it to you that these bite sized snacks are just as tasty, and even more addictive

We’re talking about our amazing Spicy Kale Chips! When it comes to Light and Healthy Meals, there’s very few dishes that are lighter, or healthier. Yet, these beautiful Kale Chips are so addictive it is simply impossible to stop at just one

In fact, in our Kale Chips recipe we’re proposing a challenge similar to that of the classic Pepsi Challenge. Place a bowl of these wonderful chips in front of your friends or family, along with one of those more traditional snacks and see which ones go first. We guarantee you the Kale Chips will move fast! They’re just that good!

Fun and Interesting Dish – Spicy Kale Chips

Light and Healthy Meals Kale Chips

The most addictive bowl of Chips you can put in front of people isn’t made of Potato or Corn, it’s made from Kale! These addictive and delicious Spicy Kale Chips are impossible to stop eating!

We love our Air Fryer, and these Vegetable Spring Rolls may just be the best thing you can put in it

It’s been just under a year since the Air Fryer entered our household here at Dinnertime Somewhere, and it’s completely transformed how we cook food. One of our favorite dishes we’ve made in the Air Fryer are these amazing Vegetable Spring Rolls. The filling is a beautiful mixture of Mushrooms and Green Cabbage and tastes beautiful

You can Serve the Spring Rolls inside large lettuce leaves (we’ve opted for Romaine Lettuce) alongside a delicious, sweet dipping sauce which gives a real Vietnamese vibe to this recipe. The light Wonton Wrappers crisp up beautifully in the air fryer. Their texture is simply amazing! No need for any frying in Fat, which makes these Spring Rolls the perfect addition to our Light and Healthy meals recipes!

We guarantee these Spring Rolls will transport you to your favorite Vietnamese restaurant. The Sweet and Spicy dipping Sauce is just so delicious!

Classic Dish – Air Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls

Vegetable Spring Rolls Meal Plan

Light and crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls are cooked in the Air Fryer until perfectly crispy. We then serve them inside Lettuce Leaves along with a beautiful, sweet dipping sauce

Classic Salad Dishes are often the best

This classic preparation of a Greek Salad is one of our top 5 go-to salads. Barely a week goes by in the house without this beautiful Salad making its way onto our dining table for dinner. Whether it’s a side dish to a protein, or as its own dinner – the Greek Salad is an all-time great

For this Greek Salad recipe we’re adding beautiful Sliced Chicken, making it the perfect meal for a hearty lunch or lighter, healthier dinner. The Chicken is simply prepared with a basic marinade and seared over high heat for the best texture

We then slice the beautifully cooked piece of Chicken over a classically prepared Greek Salad complete with beautiful, ripe tomatoes, Red Onions, Cucumber, and of course – crumbly Feta Cheese on top. No Olive for us however. If you’re die-hard Olive fans who are we to tell you not to add them to this tasty meal!

Classic Dish – Greek Salad with Chicken

Healthy Greek Salad with Chicken

A staple in any household, the famed Greek Salad recipe is topped with a tasty, tender piece of Chicken. It’s a hearty lunch or the perfect lighter dinner to refuel and energize you for the week ahead

While we’re talking about Salads, here’s something a little bit more unique and fun

We had lots of fun with this final dish in our Light and Healthy Meals for the week. This recipe is a delicious Warm Lamb Salad. It starts out as a pretty regular salad, with your typical Salad ingredients of Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, and Red Onion. But then it gets weird

The ‘warmth’ in the Salad isn’t only added by the Lamb, but by Potato Wedges. That’s right! Piping hot Potato Wedges are added to this Salad and they are the perfect pairing. The Potatoes add a lovely crunchiness and heartiness to the Salad. The contrast of hot and cold ingredients works really well!

For added chaos, the dish is finished off with some beautiful Sweet Chili Sauce and of course, that lovely, sliced Lamb. We’ve opted for Lamb Backstrap in this recipe. Lamb Backstrap is is one of the most tender cuts of Lamb you can get. Perfect for an easy-eating Salad such as this one, and a great dish to round out our weekly Light and Healthy Meals

Fun and Interesting Dish – Warm Lamb Salad

Light and Healthy Meals Lamb Salad

A classically prepared Salad with all the usual suspects. But then we add a strange twist with piping hot Potato Wedges into this Salad. It’s a delicious contrast of hot and cold that works wonderfully

We hope you love these tasty Light and Healthy Meals as many of you are starting to head into warmer months. As always, we’re dying to hear from you so throw us a comment on the website or check us out on Pinterest and Instagram to let us know how the dishes went

Happy Cooking!

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