Classic Hearty Recipes
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For this weeks meal plan we’re bringing back the Classic format of a Healthy dish, a Classic Dish, a Fun and Interesting Dish, and finally; a creative way to use some leftovers. There’s a reason we’re bringing back this classic format and that’s because this weeks meal plan is all about Classic Hearty Recipes!

Everyone loves a classic dish, and we’re no different here at Dinnertime Somewhere. We love the traditional dishes that have stood up to the test of time. That have transcended trends and still to this day remain popular the world over

We’re serving up four of our favorite Classic Hearty Recipes this week that we’re sure you’ll love cooking and eating. These dishes are fun, vibrant, easy to make, and most importantly of all – tasty! So, lets jump into this meal plan dedicated to delicious, Classic recipes!

One of life’s best experiences is eating a bowl of warm, Tomato Soup

Making your own Homemade Soup is such a rewarding and enjoyable experience, and this recipe is absolutely no exception. The amount of Tomato flavor this Soup produces is phenomenal. You’ll never want to waste your money on the canned stuff ever again!

We roast an assortment of Tomatoes of different shapes and sizes until they caramelize and slightly char. They’re peeled, then blitzed alongside sweet Roasted Garlic and Onions before being cooked with some beautiful homemade Vegetable Broth. We finish the Soup off with a bit of luxury by adding some Heavy Cream for the ultimate Homemade Tomato Soup. Truly worth of our Classic Hearty Recipe list!

Healthy Dish – Creamy Tomato Soup

Classic Hearty Recipes Tomato Soup

Char-roasted assortment of Tomatoes along with Garlic and Onion form the base for this brilliantly flavored Soup. It’s so fresh and vibrant, and it tastes amazing

Classic French cooking meets traditional Chinese cuisine with this Fun and Interesting Dish

We’re going all-out with this amazing dish of Braised Beef with Noodles. Every element of this dish is meticulously crafted for the ultimate in taste and texture. This recipe follows traditional cooking techniques from France and China to create a fusion dish of cuisines that is still Classical in its flavors

We use Beef Short Ribs and slowly braise them in a decadent liquid of Red Wine and Beef Broth for 3 hours until the Beef is melt-in-your-mouth tender. The Noodles are made using the traditional Chinese method of hand-pulling them, which results in an amazing, slightly chewy texture

The combination of these two ingredients paired together is amazing. We highly recommend saving this dish for the weekend. Take your time making the dish and then devour it in minutes. Hopefully you’ll be able to save some room for dessert

Fun and Interesting Dish – Braised Beef with Noodles

Classic Braised Beef and Noodles

This fun dish combined Classically prepared Braised Beef in Red Wine from French cooking with traditional hand-pulled Noodles from China. The result, a beautiful and hearty dinner

A Classic Dessert dish that is just at home as a centerpiece for the holidays as it is on a regular weeknight

Another Classic dish from Europe that has been around forever is the delicious Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake. A beautiful chocolate sponge cake that has been filled to the brim with whipped cream. We then Roll the cake up and smother it in dark chocolate Ganache

It’s a decadent dessert that is loved all around the world. It may have different names depending on where you are in the world (eg: Chocolate Log Cake). No matter where you’re eating this dish however, it’s sure to be a showstopper at the dinner table

Classic Dish – Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake

Classic Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake

This is a favorite desserts for many cultures all over the world. Originating in Europe, this dish of Chocolate Sponge Cake rolled in Whipped Cream and topped with Chocolate is a winner!

We’ve brought back our Lunching on Leftovers this week for one of the best to ever do it

When it comes to amazing classic dishes you can make using leftovers, this one may very well be at the tippity top. We’re talking about our world famous Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich! With the Tomato Soup being made earlier in the week, it was a certainty that a Grilled Cheese was going to make an appearance. The two classic dishes are just meant to be eaten together

We take our Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich to the next level however, with no less than 4 separate cheese used. This creates the best flavor, texture, and of course: The Cheese Pull! Encased in the cheese mix is that beautiful Braised Beef Short Rib. You should have plenty of leftovers and the Beef is so well suited to this grilled Cheese. It adds a decadence and richness that is worthy of naming this the Ultimate Grilled Cheese!

Lunching on Leftovers – The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Classic Hearty Recipes Grilled Cheese

We stand by our claim that this is simply the best Grilled Cheese Sandwich you will ever eat. 4 Cheeses and Braised Beef Short Rib in a Sandwich is the ultimate in Hearty, Classic food

We hope you get inspired by some of these Classic Hearty Recipes and dive into cooking some wonderful food this week. We’ve love to hear from you so throw us a comment on the website or on Social Media to let us know how the dishes went

Happy Cooking!

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