Spicy Kale Chips
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For a healthier snack to eat while having a couple of drinks with your friends, or simply a delicious side dish to pair with your dinner, these Spicy Kale Chips are a fantastic option. Light, crispy, and packed full of flavor – whipping up a batch of Kale Chips is a great healthy alternative to some of the more common snacking sides like Potato or Corn Chips. What’s more, they’re so easy to make and are ready in just 5 minutes!

How to make Spicy Kale Chips

Making these delicious Kale Chips is one of the easier recipes you’ll find on our website. In fact, only 4 ingredients are needed – and that includes the Kale and Salt! The only additional ingredients we need for the dish is Chili Flakes, and Olive Oil

Strip the Kale Leaves from the stems and break them up into chunks, about 2 inches thick. No need to be precise about how they ultimately are shaped. The uniqueness of their shape makes them more fun to eat, and gives each bite a slightly different texture

Kale seasoned on sheet pan
Lay out the Kale Chips on a sheet pan and generously season with Oil, Salt, and Chili Crisps before baking

The leaves are then seasoned well with Olive Oil, Salt, and Chili Flakes, then placed on a sheet pan. The Oven Roasted Kale Chips come out after about 5 minutes when they’ll be lovely and crispy. Set them aside for a few minutes, hit them with a bit more Salt and then it’s time to dive in!

One Kale Leaf won’t yield a whole lot of produce, so you’ll need to strip about 10 leaves in total to get a decent enough volume for 4+ people. We recommend cooking them on multiple sheet pans, or just cook them in batches until you’ve got enough to feed everyone

Timing when to take the Kale Chips out of the Oven is the key to success

The Kale Chips only need 5 minutes roasting time in the oven at around 375F. The Kale Chips will turn a slight light brown color, yet still have that distinct rich green color. This is the time to pull them out of the oven, as they’ll be crisp, yet still retain that wonderful Kale flavor

If you leave them in for too long and all that green color disappears, you’ll be left with a Kale Chip that has a charcoal flavor, which is not that pleasant to eat. So, timing when to remove them from the Oven just as they start to change color is the key

We recommend doing a few tests with smaller batches of Kale Chips to get your timing right. Each oven heats differently so the timing may differ by a minute or two on either side

You also do not need to flip the chips halfway through like you would say, French Fries. The Kale is so thick that both sides will cook and become crispy without the need to flip them. Which is a good thing, as they are quite delicate once cooked so there’s a good chance they may break once flipped. Carefully remove them from the sheet pan once cooked and season immediately before serving

The perfect Spicy Kale Chips
To get the best flavor and texture from your Spicy Kale Chips, bake for 5 minutes, or until they ‘just’ start to turn brown

These Spicy Kale Chips are so addictive!

The best chips are the ones that you can’t stop at one and we can guarantee you’ll be diving into these Spicy Kale Chips for ‘just one more bite’ many, many times! It’s simply impossible to stop eating these chips. I’m not sure exactly what it is about them that makes them so addictive. Possibly the beautiful flavor or the amazing crispy texture just makes you keep going back for more

Perhaps it’s that they’re healthy for you too. You won’t feel bad diving back for more Kale Chips knowing that you’re eating something ridiculously tasty, as it’s also very good for you

Kale Chips are so addictive
You can’t stop at just one. Kale Chips are so addictive you’ll end up eating the whole bowl in no time

Spicy Kale Chips are best enjoyed with your favorite drink

These crispy Kale Chips are a great bar snack, and I’m surprised that they’re not more commonly served at bars all around the world. They are a much healthier alternative to the traditional bar snacks of Corn Chips, Fries, Peanuts, or Pretzels, yet taste better!

They have a lovely saltiness to them which is always a great bite to eat in between chugs of your favorite beer or wine. They’re super light and airy, so you don’t feel bloated at all after eating 100 of them (trust us, eating 100 is well within the realms of possibilities once you get started!)

Also, who doesn’t love eating spicy snacks when having a drink? The subtle spiciness of the Kale Chips adds some heat to your mouth which is just dying to be quenched by that next sip of alcohol!

Kale Chips great for any occasion
Kale Chips make for a great appetizer before a big meal, or as a snack as you’re enjoying a drink with friends

Like the Pepsi Challenge, we encourage you to try the Spicy Kale Chips challenge

For those who remember the Pepsi Challenge, it was a marketing campaign conducted back in the 90’s by Pepsi to try and prove that their drink had a better flavor than Coke. They’d present two unlabeled glasses of Cola to random people on the street and ask them to try them both, then say which they preferred

The ‘results’ published were that almost everyone preferred the taste of Pepsi, which became their big marketing campaign. I’m not sure how accurate or realistic the actual results were, but it was a tremendously successful marketing campaign nonetheless

So, in the interests of marketing these delicious Spicy Kale Chips, we present to you the Kale Chip Challenge to try on your friends! The aim is to prove that not only can Kale Chips compete with Corn Chips as a great drinking snack, but they are possibly even better!

The Kale Chip Challenge
Try the Kale Challenge! Make these delicious Kale Chips and set them out alongside traditional Corn Chips. See which ones go faster, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Now, it’ll be a little different because obviously Kale Chips look remarkably different to regular Corn Chips, so it’ll be obvious that people will notice the difference. What we present to you is a simple challenge of placing two bowls in front of your friends when having a drink. Encourage them to try both, then move on

At the end of the festivities, just look at the bowls and notice which chips are remaining, and which have been completely devoured. We aim to prove that Kale Chips will be just as addictive to munch on as the Corn Chips

If you’ve done this Spicy Kale Chip Challenge, let us know in the comments below how it went?

Recipe Details


4 – 8 people

Prep time

10 minutes

Cooking time

5 minutes (per batch)

Total time

25 minutes

Spicy Kale Chips Recipe


  • Leaves from 10 Kale Stems
  • 2 tsp. Chili Flakes
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt


  1. Prepare the Kale by stripping the leaves from the Stems. Discard the Stems and tear the Kale Leaves into pieces about 2 inches in diameter. No need to be precise with each piece, keep them nice and rustic
  2. Place the Kale leaves in a bowl and season well with Salt, Olive Oil, and Chili Flakes. For every 2 leaves we recommend about ¼ tsp. of Salt, Oil, and Chili
  3. Lay the seasoned Kale leaves on a large sheet pan and bake in the oven at 375F for 5 minutes. (there is no need to flip the Kale)
  4. Once the Kale has started to darken and turn slightly brown, remove them from the Oven and set aside. Sprinkle them with a touch more Salt and they’re ready to be served
  5. Repeat the process for the remaining Kale leaves. 10 Kale Leaves will yield enough Spicy Kale Chips for 4 – 8 people

The simplest dishes are often the best, so you know based on how easy these Kale Chips are to make – they’re going to taste amazing! If you enjoyed this recipe, check out some of out other delicious Vegetable Appetizers here for some healthy and tasty sides. Here’s a few of our favorites we’d encourage you to give a try:

Happy Cooking!

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