Bacon Wrapped Asparagus with Hollandaise
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Some recipe combinations seem weird; however, they just seem to work. Well, this is definitely one of those recipes. Perhaps not the most likely combination of flavors is Bacon Wrapped Asparagus with Hollandaise however this is one mighty fine tasting dish. The classic combination of Hollandaise Sauce and Bacon is very well documented and appreciated for brunch aficionados around the world. But Asparagus, it’s an interesting combination

I’m not sure exactly why, or how this dish works. But it absolutely does. The combination of flavors is unbelievable and just works so well. The best comparison I guess I could draw to a more traditional pairing would be if you replaced the Asparagus with Spinach. Both green vegetables have a slightly bitter taste to them, so they naturally contrast well with the pairing of the fattiness of Bacon and creaminess of Hollandaise

So why can’t you have Asparagus for breakfast? It’s healthy and tastes great! Just consider this dish a Bacon, Egg and Spinach dish instead the Eggs are the Hollandaise, and the Spinach is Asparagus. Works for me!

Is this a Breakfast dish? A Brunch dish? A Happy Hour Dish? Who really knows!

What we love about the Bacon Wrapped Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce recipe is it doesn’t fit the mold of a traditional mealtime dish. That’s what is so great about it! Hollandaise is definitely an ingredient that you associate with Breakfast or Brunch. Same with Bacon. But Asparagus? That’s a dinnertime meal!

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus with Hollandaise on plate
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce is the perfect brunch or lunch meal

Wrapping anything with Bacon generally puts it into a happy hour category too. Such as our delightful Bacon Wrapped Dates. So technically you could serve this dish as a Happy Hour meal and people would be more than happy to devour it!

Asparagus is also such a common dinner ingredient, so this recipe can also easily work as a side dish to a lovely dinner meal. Either way you look at it, this dish is completely adaptable to a meal anytime of the day

Make the Hollandaise in the Blender for guaranteed great results

That’s right you read that correctly. To make the Hollandaise Sauce for this recipe all you need is a blender! No more struggling over a bain-marie constantly whisking Eggs until your arm is sore. Simply whip out the trusty blender and a beautiful Hollandaise Sauce will be all yours in 1 minute!

We love the fact you can make Hollandaise Sauce out of a Blender so much we wrote a whole article and recipe about it here. Never fear though, we’ll cover off the steps on how to make the sauce in this recipe too

There’s really not much to it. Add your Egg Yolks, some Lemon Juice, and Salt into a blender. Blend it for a bit, then slowly pour in melted butter and it’s done. It couldn’t be easier, and it tastes amazing

Hollandaise Sauce creamy
You can make this amazing Hollandaise Sauce simply by using a blender. It’s so easy!

Wrap a strip of Bacon around a bunch of Asparagus, not just one

We’ve tried this dish a couple of ways and can safely tell you the best way to wrap Bacon around Asparagus is to use multiple spears of Asparagus. Bunching them up provides a lot more stability to the Asparagus and the Bacon when cooked

We’ve found if you wrap a single Asparagus spear the Bacon doesn’t generally wrap as tightly around it, unless you want to start jamming toothpicks into it, which is far from ideal. Also, they don’t tend to cook all that evenly too. A single Asparagus Spear will cook quicker than the Bacon, so you’ll either have uncooked Bacon, or a very overcooked Asparagus spear. Neither are that appetizing

Tuck the Bacon in between the bunch of Asparagus to lock it into place

This is a lovely little trick when wrapping the Asparagus with Bacon. Wedge one end of the Bacon strip in between the bunch of Asparagus, then wrap it around the outside a few times until it’s complete. The beauty of this method is the Bacon will stay locked into the Asparagus, and won’t fall away when it’s being cooked in the Oven

Try to get the Thick Asparagus, and use 3-4 of them per bunch

For the best result for your Bacon Wrapped Asparagus with Hollandaise we recommend using the thicker Asparagus spears. They’re much easier to maneuver when wrapping in Bacon and because they’re thicker, will cook at a more even time with the Bacon

Those thin Spears that comes in bunches of like.. 50 are too fickle to cook, and to eat honestly. So go with the thick cut Asparagus for the best results. About 3 Asparagus Spears is a good amount per bunch. You want the Bacon to be able to wrap around the Asparagus a couple of times. Nestle the other end of the Bacon underneath the Asparagus when you cook. This will ensure it stays nice and intact during the cooking process

Two bunches of Asparagus wrapped in Bacon
One piece of Bacon per 3-4 pieces of Asparagus is a good ratio for each bunch

Remove the bottom third of the Asparagus before cooking, but reserve it to make delicious Vegetable Broth

The bottom third of the Asparagus (i.e.: The second the Asparagus has been cut) is typically not eaten when used in Asparagus recipes. It is quite tough and bitter, so it is best to discard. However, we don’t like wasting food here so make sure you reserve those Asparagus ends, as they can be used to make yummy Vegetable Broth

We like to throw discarded vegetable scraps such as this into a large Ziploc bag and store it in the freezer. Then when it’s time to make some Vegetable Stock we’ve got a lovely array of beautiful Vegetable scraps which make for delicious Stocks and Broths

Recipe Details


2 people

Prep time

5 minutes

Cooking time

15 minutes

Total time

20 minutes

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus with Hollandaise Recipe


  • 3 large bunches of Asparagus (approximately 12 Spears)
  • 4 Bacon Rashers
  • 4 Eggs Yolks
  • 4 Egg Yolks
  • 1 tbsp. Lemon Juice
  • 5 oz. / 140g Unsalted Butter
  • 1 tbsp. Olive Oil
  • Salt


  1. Prepare the Asparagus by cutting the bottom 3rd of the Asparagus away. This is typically not eaten as it is tougher and has less flavor than the rest of the Asparagus. You can save these to make delicious Vegetable Broth (LINK) however
  2. Grab 3 Asparagus Spears and wrap 1 piece of Bacon around the middle of the bunch. Begin by tucking one end of the Bacon in between the Asparagus Spears, then wrap it around itself to ‘lock’ the Bacon into place. Repeat for the remaining Asparagus
  3. Place the bunches in an oven proof tray. Drizzle with Olive Oil and 1 tsp. of Salt then place in the oven which has been pre-heated to 400 F. Cook for 15 minutes until the Bacon is dark and crispy

While the Asparagus is cooking, make the Hollandaise Sauce

  1. Melt the Butter in a microwave safe container or over the stove
  2. Place the Egg Yolks, Lemon Juice, and ½ tsp. of Salt in a Blender. Blend for 30 seconds on the low setting, then slowly pour in the Butter while continuing to blend. Once the Butter has all been poured in turn off the Blender and your Hollandaise Sauce will be done!
  3. Remove the cooked Bacon Wrapped Asparagus from the Oven. Place 2 bunches each on a plate, then generously pour Hollandaise Sauce over the top. Finish with a sprinkle of Salt and serve the remaining Hollandaise Sauce in a jar on the side

The Bacon Wrapped Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce is definitely one of our more fun and interesting dishes. We love interesting dishes like this at Dinnertime Somewhere. Why not check out some of our other favorite fun dishes such as these:

Happy Cooking!

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