Instant Pot Chicken Broth
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This is our recipe to make some simply outstanding Instant Pot Chicken Broth. The great news is that not only does it taste amazing, it will take just 1 ½ hours to make! That is the beauty of an Instant Pot!

Amongst other great uses, it’s pressure cooker features allows you to cook delicious Broths and Stocks in just a fraction of the time than if you are using the traditional stovetop method

Having good quality Chicken Broth ready to go is a key ingredient to any home cooks arsenal. It is such a commonly used ingredient that elevates the flavor of so many dishes from Soups, Stews, Sauces, Casseroles, and everything in between

An Instant Pot is the best piece of equipment to make an Easy Chicken Broth Recipe

For this recipe you will need an Instant Pot, hence the title of the recipe being ‘Instant Pot Chicken Broth Recipe’! Instant Pots are becoming a very common (and vital!) piece of equipment in kitchens around the country and the globe. It can be used either as a slow cooker, as a frying pan, or, in this case, as a pressure cooker

The beauty of using the pressure cooker setting on the Instant Pot is it drastically cuts down the time needed to extract all the delicious flavor from the Chicken Bones

Traditional Chicken Broth recipe such as our Classic Beef Stock and Simple Lamb Stock requires a cooking time of 5+ hours. In an Instant Pot you’ll get the same result in a fraction of that time. In fact, the whole recipe is complete in under 2 hours

Similarly, to our other Stock and Broth recipes the process is really easy. You just leave the Bones and other ingredients in water and leave it alone! So, if you do not have an Instant Pot, simply bring the ingredients to a boil in a large pan over the stove. Drop the heat to low, cover, and simmer for 4 – 5 hours

You’ll get the same result; it just takes more time

Instant Pot Chicken Broth Frozen Chicken
Throw your frozen Chicken Bones straight into the Instant Pot along with their stuffing to add even more flavor

Freeze your Chicken Bones and save them to make this delicious Broth

This is a great tip which makes the preparation for a great Chicken Broth much easier. Whenever you eat a lovely Chicken meal, save the bones and carcass! Throw it into a Ziploc back and put it in the freezer

When it’s time to make a delicious broth you’ve got all that amazing Chicken flavor just sitting there in the freezer waiting to be utilized. It’s also a really good feeling too, because you’re using every single part of the Chicken carcass so there is no wastage

We’re not picky at all about the Chicken Bones we save either. We’ve used Rotisserie Chicken from the supermarket and the broth has still come out super flavorful

Also, there is no need to be concerned about the seasoning, or even the stuffing that you’ve used in the Chicken Dish prior to freezing the bones. You’ll see in the photos we’ve got for this Easy Chicken Broth Recipe that we kept the beautiful stuffing from a Roast Chicken. Whole Lemons and all!

It just adds more flavor to the stock overall. Think of it this way – if you enjoyed the meal when you were eating it, chances are it’ll only add flavor that you like to the Chicken Broth

Adding Vegetables adds even more flavor to your Instant Pot Chicken Broth

Vegetables add an amazing depth of flavor to our Instant Pot Chicken Broth Recipe. A good tip is to take some of those veggies that have perhaps been sitting in the crisper for a little longer than you’d expected. You haven’t used them yet, but if you don’t in the next week or so they’ll likely get thrown out

Those are the best vegetables to use in a Chicken Broth. You avoid wasting food (and money!) and honestly, texture isn’t really a concern when it comes to broth. You’ll end up straining all the vegetables out anyway so who cares if they’ve not as crisp. They’ll taste delicious in the broth

Some of our favorite vegetables to use in Chicken Broth are Onions, Carrots, Celery, and Lemons. Any leftover herbs are also a great addition. Thyme, Rosemary, and Sage are great if you’ve got them handy

Again, this is meant to be an easy recipe so please use whatever Vegetables you have available. No need to head out to the grocery store to buy vegetables specific to this dish. Whatever you have on hand will be great!

Instant Pot Chicken Broth Finished
Adding leftover Vegetables you have in your fridge is a great way to add even more flavor to the Instant Pot Chicken Broth Recipe

An optional step is to roast the ingredients before adding to the Broth

As the title suggests, Roasting the Bones and Vegetables prior to adding to the Instant Pot adds even more flavor. You know when you’re cooking a beautiful Roast Dinner, and you get those charred bits that stick to the bottom of the roasting pan? It’s kind of like adding that flavor to the dish

We’ve found that if you’re using Frozen Chicken Bones from previous dishes, particularly ones where you’ve roasted the Chicken, there’s no need to roast them a second time. Just pop them straight into the Pot from the freezer

Fantastic Dishes you can make using this Easy Chicken Broth Recipe

There are literally thousands of amazing dishes you can make with the Instant Pot Chicken Broth Recipe. Here are a few of our favorites that you should check out!

Freeze your Chicken Broth for future use!

This recipe will provide approximately 8 cups of delicious Chicken Broth. Chances are you won’t need all of that immediately for the recipe you are making (perhaps one listed above?)

If so, the beauty of Chicken Broth is it can keep for months in the freezer. Given this is such a vital ingredient to enhance so many recipes, it’s great to have a well-stocked freezer full of delicious Chicken Broth

There are a couple of approaches we use when we’re freezing our Chicken Broth

1. Measure out 1 cup increments and freeze in Ziploc bags

Most recipes require Chicken Broth in cup increments. Sometimes 1, sometimes 2 or more. By freezing in 1 cup increments you can easily access the exact amount of Chicken Broth you need whenever you cook

A nice little trick we’ve learnt when freezing in Ziploc bags is to stack the bags filled with Broth flat and pile them on top of each other. This way you can store a lot more in the freezer at once

2. Get yourself some Silicone Cube Molds for freezing

These are fantastic and come in various measurements. You can get either ½ cup or 1 cup molds which are perfect for storing the Chicken Broth. Simply pour the broth into the mold then freeze. Good news here is you don’t even need to measure out the increments, as the mold has already done that for you

Just grab the mold out of the freezer when you need some stock and pop out how much you need. Just like getting some ice for a beverage on a hot summer afternoon!

Chicken Broth mold
Use these great Silicone Molds to freeze individual portions of Chicken Broth for future use

If you are freezing multiple types of Stocks and Broths in the freezer at once it is a really good idea to label the bags with a marker. The last thing you want is to be cooking up a beautiful Chicken Soup and you add in that Lamb Stock you’ve been saving for the Sunday Roast!

Recipe Details


Yields 8 Cups

Prep time

20 minutes

Cooking time

1.5 hours

Total time

2 hours

Instant Pot Chicken Broth Recipe


  • 2 lbs. Chicken Bones / Chicken Carcass
  • 10 cups of Water
  • 2 cups of Vegetables (halved)

Equipment Needed

  • Instant Pot
  • Cheese Cloth

Note: Use whatever vegetables you have readily available. Great options are Onions, Carrots, and Celery


  1. The first step is optional – that is to char the vegetables prior to adding the Chicken and Water. To do so, press the Sauté Button the Instant Pot and wait until it comes up to heat
  2. Once hot, place the vegetables cut side down on the Pot. Make sure all vegetables are touching the bottom of the pot and cook for 4-5 minutes until they have turned dark brown, almost black
  3. Turn off the Sauté mode then add the Chicken Bones and Water to the Instant Pot. If the water is not fully covering the Chicken, add more to ensure the ingredients are fully submerged
  4. Place the lid on the Instant Pot. Twist it so it locks into place and that familiar song sounds. Press the Pressure Cook button and set it on high for 90 minutes
  5. The Instant Pot will begin to pressurize, then begin a countdown of 90 minutes until the Chicken Broth is ready
  6. Once your Instant Pot Chicken Broth is ready the Pot will beep. Carefully push the nozzle at the top of the Pot to release the pressure in the Pot. We recommend waiting about 20 minutes after you’ve released the pressure before opening the Pot
  7. Remove the large pieces of Bone and Vegetables and discard. Then place your Cheesecloth into a fine sieve and place over the top of a large bowl
  8. Carefully pour the Broth mixture into the Bowl through the Cheesecloth Sieve. Take your time as you want all the liquid to pass through the Cheesecloth to capture everything. This process ensures a super smooth final Chicken Broth

Instant Pot Chicken Broth before being strained
Using a Cheesecloth and a Fine Sieve is critical to ensure you strain the Broth perfectly

You can use the Instant Pot Chicken Broth immediately for your cooking. To save the remainder of the Broth for future cooking we highly recommend freezing it into individual 1 cup portions. The Broth will keep for months in the freezer, so freezing it into individual 1 cup portions will make it much easier to use for future meals

Happy Cooking!

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