Candied Walnuts for Salad
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So usually, the classic Candied Walnuts are one of several ingredients that typically would go into a dish such as a lovely cake. However, Candied Walnuts for Salad dishes are a simply amazing combination. That was how we originally stumbled across this delicious recipe. As a garnish for some beautiful Salads. They taste so ridiculously good we believe they warrant their own dedicated recipe

Honestly, these Walnuts can (and should) be whipped up just as a decadent snack when you’re feeling like rewarding yourself. They are simply delicious. The toffee-like crunch that the Sugar-coating delivers is such a treat to bite into. Also, who doesn’t love a good Walnut?

Candied Walnuts for Salad Side View
You’ll find it difficult to stop eating these beautiful Candied Walnuts once you start

Now this recipe will work equally good on your favorite type of nut, so feel free to experiment. I can see some beautiful Candied Peanuts, Candied Pecans, Candied Cashew Nuts. Hey, even Candied Pistachio Nuts would be amazing – just make sure you take those shells off first!

The secret to this recipe is to be patient. When you’re stirring the sugar in with the Walnuts it may seem like nothing is happening. Be patient! The Sugar will turn into a lovely syrup in a matter of moments, so be sure to pay attention as there is a finite window for true success when making the Candied Walnuts for Salad

Recipe Details


1 – 4 people

Prep time

3 minutes

Cooking time

7 minutes

Total time

10 minutes

Candied Walnuts for Salad Recipe


  • 2 cups (16 oz.) Walnuts
  • 1 cup White Sugar
  • 1 tbsp. Butter


  1. Place the White Sugar and Butter into a Saucepan and begin to heat over medium / low heat
  2. Add the Walnuts once you’ve added the Sugar and stir continuously with a spatula
  3. Continue to stir until the Sugar starts to melt and caramelize. This process usually takes about 6-7 minutes so we’d highly recommend stirring consistently and monitoring the sugar. You have a finite window once the Sugar starts to caramelize before it burns so best to monitor continuously
  4. Once the Sugar has melted and the Walnuts are coated, remove immediately from heat and place on non-stick foil or parchment paper
  5. As soon as the Walnuts are on the parchment paper carefully separate them with two forks. The Sugar will solidify very quickly so you want to break up the Walnuts into individual pieces as soon as you can to avoid one big clump of Walnut sugar!

There you have it. These bad boys taste so darn delicious and pair surprisingly well with a lot of Salads. We’d highly recommend trying the Candied Walnuts with our Red Line Diner Berry Salad recipe. Happy Cooking!

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