Weekly Meal Plans – Overview
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Each week we publish delicious Weekly Meal Plans for some amazing recipes you can create throughout the week. Our goal is to hopefully inspire some amazing home cooking for you and your loved ones. We will publish a Meal Plan once a week at the beginning of the week with links to some delicious and simple recipes you can prepare yourself. Hopefully encouraging you to get a little bit more organized in your weekly meal planning so you can just do 1 big shop up for all your ingredients. Or, even if you’re in a good weekly meal planning mindset, hopefully provide you with some fun and interesting new recipes to try

The recipes we’re sharing are primarily dinner meals. The portion sizes are substantial enough for a dinner for a family. We’ll note on the recipes the number of people that meal will serve so you can always adjust the ingredients to scale according to how many people you’re cooking for

Make sure to check out our full archive of Weekly Meal Plans in this dedicated section of the website

Categories of Recipes within our Weekly Meal Plans

The recipes we’re sharing are primarily dinner meals. The portion sizes are substantial enough for a dinner for a family. We’ll note on the recipes the number of people that meal will serve so you can always adjust the ingredients to scale according to how many people you’re cooking for

Healthy Meals

Kale and Onion Salad

The title really says it all. We do aspire to have the majority of meals we’re sharing to be good for you. However specifically to our Healthy Meals recipes the dishes we’ll share are designed to be super healthy. Simple meals to prepare early in the week to really re-energize you and help you power into the beginning of the week. Lots of fresh ingredients, lots of fruit and vegetables, yet still hearty enough for a substantial dinner

There is absolutely no reason why Healthy Dishes have to be boring or lacking in flavor. We aspire to provide you with some exciting and delicious Healthy Recipes that you’ll want to make over and over again

Classic Dishes

Close up Pizza

They’re Classic Dishes for a reason, everyone loves them. Dishes that have stood the test of time and are household favorites from all around the world. We’ll both stick to the Classic approaches to cooking, as well as at times putting a little unique spin on a Classic recipe. You’ll surely find over time that we’ll be publishing different variations of a classic dish (for example: How many different Burger combinations are there to make!)

The Classic Dishes are dishes that we all know, however are simple enough to be able to whip up on a week night without too much hassle. We will also try to share Classic Dishes from all across the globe to keep things fun and add some more variety

Fun and Interesting Meals

Scampi Close Up

Our Fun and Interesting Meals are quite a broad category, inspired by Trending Food. That could mean many things; fun dishes that are trending on social media, to some cool dishes we’ve seen on the many food TV shows there are at the moment. We’ll try to put our unique spins on these recipes so you won’t just be seeing yet another ‘Gordon Ramsay Beef Wellington’, however we’ll of course reference the dishes that inspired these fun and interesting meals

We’ll even share some of our own interesting creations that are a little bit different (once we’ve of course tested them enough to make sure they’re beautiful and delicious!). Our goal here is to share some recipes that are a little bit different, but fun to make and delicious to eat

Epic Cook Ups

Lasagna with Basil

One of our favorite things to do on the weekend is an Epic Cook Up. You know the type of cooking we’re talking about right? When you spend the whole day in the kitchen, taking your time to prepare some amazingly yummy food. We’re cooking because we love it and we hope you are too so a day cooking beautiful, tasty food with your friends and family is one of the best ways to enjoy a weekend. Perhaps with a glass or two of wine while you’re at it!

These dishes are those meals that are not to be rushed. Think slow cooked, braised meats, beautifully baked dishes, slowly marinated dishes. Meals that are just bursting with an abundance of flavor. When you’ve got a bit more time up your sleeve, the Epic Cook Up is the absolute go to for a show stopping, delicious dish

Lunching on Leftovers

Burrito with Coffee

I’ve always been a big eater. I love food, what can I say?! I only really know how to cook large portions so inevitably what happens with these recipes we’re sharing is you will likely have lots of yummy leftovers to eat the next day. Which is great! The Lunching on Leftovers recipes will share some fun and unique spins on the dinners we’ve made to turn those leftovers into equally delicious Leftovers for lunch the next day

The aim is to keep the Lunch recipes simple, lighter than the dinners and utilizing ingredients you will likely already have around the house. For example – Leftover Steak or Chicken can be used in a sandwich the next day, all you need is some bread and some delicious fillings. Trust us though, they won’t all be sandwich recipes. Although sandwiches are pretty darn tasty!

So that’s our Weekly Meal Plans summary. We would also love to hear from you all on what you think of the recipes and if you’ve tried some yourself please share the photos with us on Social Media! You can find our Social Media links at the top of this website, or check out our Instagram page here. We can’t wait to see the beautiful dishes you create

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