Creamy Shrimp Soup
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If you’ve made our delicious Cast Iron Creamy Chicken recipe then chances are you’ve got some sauce leftover. Well, hopefully you have. That sauce is so delicious it is so easy to mop it all up with some crusty bread. So, if you do have leftovers, we’ve got you covered with this delicious Creamy Shrimp Soup dish

That delicious, velvety mushroom sauce is just so packed full of flavor. There really is not much you need to do to create this dish. All the beautiful flavors have been created and concentrated into that lovely sauce. What we’re doing here is simply re-using it with a different, yet equally tasty protein – some beautiful Shrimp

Any type of Shrimp will do for this recipe. We’ve used Tiger Shrimp for this dish however whatever good quality Shrimp your local fishmonger or supermarket has will suffice. You can even use pre-cooked Shrimp if you like. Just reduce the overall cooking time and add the Shrimp at the very end just to heat it up

Finally, get yourself some delicious, crusty bread to mop up all that amazing sauce. Home baked is best of course, but some nice crusty Sourdough from your local bakery will work too. Dip it into that sauce and enjoy!

Making the Creamy Shrimp Soup from scratch

If you’ve come to this page without having previously made the Cast Iron Creamy Chicken Dish then we’ve got you covered. Here is a basic outline for how to make this wonderful tasting soup from scratch

Begin by cooking down some finely diced Shallots in a large frying pan over medium heat along with a little bit of Olive Oil. Once the Shallots are nice and tender, add about ½ cup of White Wine, a few sprigs of fresh Rosemary, and 1 cup of Chicken Broth. We highly recommend you use your own Homemade Chicken Broth for superior flavor (not to mention it will be much healthier for you!)

Here’s a link to our Stocks and Broths recipes where we have some wonderful Chicken Stocks you can make

Creamy Shrimp Soup Close Up
This delicious Creamy Shrimp Soup is a perfect lunch, snack or even dinner

Cook down the liquid for about 15 minutes or so, as we want the Chicken Broth and Wine to reduce by about half. Once the liquid has reduced, add ½ cup of Cream. At this point in the Chicken dish, we’ve also cooked up some pan-fried Mushrooms. This is an optional step for the soup, however if you like that earthy flavor in the dish, we’d definitely recommend adding some Mushrooms. Simply pan fry them with some Butter for about 10 minutes until caramelized, then add to the liquid

Cook everything down for another 10 – 15 minutes or so. Try to avoid the liquid boiling, as it could curdle the Cream. Keep it on a very light simmer, so bubbles are forming around the outside of the liquid, but without it forming an aggressive boil. Stir constantly to keep everything moving within the Soup

Time to add those wonderful Shrimp to the dish

Check the consistency of the dish, by this point it will be the consistency of a light Soup. Add the Shrimp straight into the Soup and let them cook in the liquid. The Shrimp shouldn’t take too long to cook at all, probably 5 minutes at most. Just check the Shrimp frequently to see how they are going. Once they turn a light pink color they’re pretty much done

The final step is to add a few flavors and aromatics to the Soup right before serving. Add the Juice of ½ a Lemon, a finely diced Tomato, about 1 tsp. of chopped Chives, and a sprinkling of Dried Oregano. Check for seasoning and adjust if necessary. Also, those Rosemary stalks will still be in there, so make sure you remove them before serving

Of course, we also highly recommend you make the delicious Cast Iron Creamy Chicken with Mushrooms dish and save some sauce for this wonderful Soup the next day!

Recipe Details


2 people

Prep time

15 minutes

Cooking time

10 minutes

Total time

25 minutes

Creamy Shrimp Soup Recipe


  • Leftover Sauce from Cast Iron Creamy Chicken recipe (link here)
  • 8 – 10 Shrimp
  • 1 Loaf crusty Sourdough Bread

Recipe Note

If you haven’t cooked the Cast Iron Creamy Chicken dish prior, scroll up here for a walk through on how to make this Creamy Shrimp Soup from scratch


  1. Begin by preparing your Shrimp. If you are using whole, uncooked Shrimp then begin by removing the head then peeling the shell away from the flesh. Be sure to keep the tail intact
  2. Next, devein the Shrimp by carefully pulling out the black vein that will be sticking out from where the head was removed from the Shrimp. Remove the vein and discard then you’re Shrimp are ready to cook. We have a great video below on how to devein Shrimp
  3. Place the Sauce in a medium saucepan and heat over medium / low heat. Once the sauce is warm (about 5 minutes) place your Shrimp into the Sauce and cook for about 5 minutes until the Shrimp turn white
  4. Pour into individual bowls and serve alongside the Crusty Bread. If you like you can also garnish the Soup with some fresh herbs like Parsley, Cilantro or Chopped Chives

Deveining the Shrimp is one of those annoying tasks that needs to be done in the kitchen. If you are lucky enough to have a fish monger who will devein the Shrimp for you then definitely do that. If not, we’ve got you covered! We’ve created this simple video on deveining Shrimp on our YouTube channel:

Simple video demonstrating How to Devein Shrimp.

That’s all there is to it. The Sauce is already quite well seasoned so there is no need to really add anything to it. You may find that the Sauce has intensified in flavor since you’ve made the Creamy Chicken dish. If so, you can always adjust the seasoning with a little bit of Lemon Juice to get the sauce to your preferred flavor profile

If you’re craving for more delicious Soups just like this Creamy Shrimp Soup, we’ve got a whole section dedicated to these awesome meals here. Here are a few of our favorites that we highly recommend you cook:

Happy Cooking!

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