Instant Pot Beef Broth
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Good quality ingredients are what makes for great recipes, and when it comes to Broth, there is no substitute for homemade. Good quality Beef Broth is one of the cornerstones of cooking and any home cook should always have a ready supply of this wonderful ingredient available. The challenge with making Broths is it can be quite a labor-intensive experience. Our classic Beef Broth recipe requires 6 – 7 hours to make. If you’ve got yourself an Instant Pot or Pressure Cooker you can significantly reduce that time by making this wonderful Instant Pot Beef Broth recipe

Instant Pots are incredibly popular for home cooks now, and with good reason: They are extremely versatile pots that allow you to braise, sauté, roast, and slow cook dishes to perfection. The Pressure Cooker setting however is one that we use the most

Pressure cooking traps all the heat into a pan and cooks at an extremely high temperature. This significantly cuts down on the cooking time for many dishes, which makes it perfect for making perfect Beef Broth. In fact, it only takes 1 hour and 30 minutes, compared to the 6 – 7 hours needed through the more traditional methods

Store your Beef Bones after use

Whenever you’ve enjoyed a lovely Steak dinner at home, get into the habit of saving those bones. The cornerstone to a great Beef Broth lies in those delicious Bones. They are filled with collagen, fat, and flavor which is what makes a great quality Beef Broth

It’s a very easy routine to get into, you just need to start forming good habits. We have a large freezer bag that we add any Bones to once we’ve finished a meal. Once the bag fills up and we’re running low on Broth, we simply fire up this recipe and in no time we’re loaded up with beautiful Broth for all of our cooking needs

You can follow this approach for different types of bones. Chicken Broth is also an extremely popular broth in cooking, so we’d suggest having at least 2 bags in the freezer so you can store your Beef and Chicken Bones separately

Other popular forms of Broths in cooking are Veal Broth, and Lamb Broth. The challenge with these broths however is that cooking Lamb and Veal is less common than Chicken and Beef. If you’re big Lamb and Veal eaters then follow the above process for those bones too. If not, you can always mix and match the Bones a little bit. For instance, we mixed in some Lamb Chop bones with Beef Broth and the combination tasted amazing

Instant Pot Beef Broth lid on
Store all of your Bones in the freezer so when it’s time to make this wonderful Instant Pot Beef Broth you will have a plentiful supply

You can also purchase Bones and low-cost cuts of meat from the grocery store to make Homemade Broth

Most grocery stores will sell bones for cheap. Usually if they’ve already butchered the animal they have no real use for those bones, so it is better for them to sell them cheaply rather than to discard them. If there aren’t any Bones readily available off the shelf, ask the butcher if they have some. 9 out of 10 times they will. Hey, you might even be able to get them for free if you ask nicely!

You can also look to utilize low-cost cuts of meat that are bone and cartilage heavy to make good quality Homemade Broths and Stocks. The difficulty here is that, over the past few years, these cuts of meat have skyrocketed in costs, so you may struggle to find them cheap. For instance, Oxtail was a perfect cut for making Broth. However, it has exploded in popularity recently and it now one of the more costly cuts to buy!

Beef Broth in jar
Using Cheesecloth will help to strain the Broth to get a super clear final result

Use Cheesecloth when straining the Instant Pot Beef Broth for a smooth texture

While this is not a mandatory step in the process, we highly recommend buying a roll of Cheesecloth and storing it in your kitchen pantry. Cheesecloth is a thin, mesh-like cloth that is readily sold all over the place. You can get it at Home Depot and Walmart, as well as local supermarkets

Using Cheesecloth when straining your Broth will capture all the tiny particles that are floating around in the liquid that a typical strainer won’t capture. By using Cheesecloth and placing it into your strainer ensures the clearest Broth you can find. If you’re not too fussy about it then you can still produce amazing Beef Broth without it. However, for the best consistency and texture, we highly recommend investing a few bucks in Cheesecloth. It’s well worth it!

What are some dishes that can be made using this Instant Pot Beef Broth?

There are simply countless numbers of recipes that are made with Beef Broth. It serves as the basis for flavor building in so many types of dishes, from soups and sauces, through to Risottos, Braised Meats, and even Pies! So many of our recipes require Beef Broth because of its ability to amplify the flavors of dishes tenfold!

Instant Pot Beef Broth top view
Good quality Beef Broth is a cornerstone ingredient in any kitchen. You can make so many amazing dishes using this ingredient

Here are a few of our favorite dishes that will benefit by using this amazing Instant Pot Beef Broth recipe:

Recipe Details


4 – 8 people

Prep time

5 minutes

Cooking time

2 hours

Total time

2 hours

Instant Pot Beef Broth Recipe


  • 1 – 2 lbs. Beef Bones
  • 8 cups of Water
  • 2 Carrots, halved
  • 1 Onion, halved
  • 2 Celery Stalks


  1. Set your Instant Pot to sear and place the vegetables flesh-side down in the Pot. Sear the vegetables until they caramelize and blacken slightly, about 15 minutes
  2. Add the Beef Bones and Water then place the lid on the Instant Pot. Seal it, then set the Instant Pot to Pressure Cook on high for 1 hour, 30 minutes
  3. Once cooked and the timer has gone off, release the steam by turning the nozzle on the Instant Pot lid. Once all the steam has released, carefully remove the lid and allow to cool for about 20 minutes
  4. Remove the larger pieces of Bone and Vegetables with tongs and discard. Place a piece of Cheesecloth inside a fine mesh strainer then place over a large bowl
  5. Carefully pour the Broth through the Cheesecloth in the strainer. Once strained, discard all of the remaining vegetable bits and allow the broth to cool. Once cool, place in refrigerator overnight
  6. A thin layer of fat will have formed on top of the Beef Broth overnight. Discard that layer of Fat and then you’re Broth is ready for use

Note: You can freeze the remaining Beef Broth that you don’t need immediately. A good method is to measure out 1 cup individual portions and place them into marked Ziploc bags then freeze

We hope you’ve enjoyed this easy Instant Pot Beef Broth recipes and now have a lovely batch of delicious Broth for your home cooking needs. We’ve got plenty more amazing Broth and Stocks recipes here for you to fill your freezer with this wonderful ingredient for cooking beautiful dishes at home

Happy Cooking!

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