Tomato and Onion Tart with Goats Cheese
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What we love about this Tomato and Onion Tart with Goats Cheese dish (other than how amazing it tastes) is it looks stunning. This beautiful dish is a great showstopper if you are trying to impress people with your amazing cooking skills. Little will they know that it is one of the simplest dishes you can make! What’s more, the taste is mind blowing!

The beauty of this recipe is how all the flavors become concentrated during the cooking process. Oven roasting those delicious Tomatoes with a generous splash of good quality Olive Oil will bring out their natural sweetness. Caramelizing the Onions with Butter on the stove top will do the exact same thing. Pairing these concentrated sweet flavors with the sharpness of Goats Cheese is simply a perfect marriage of flavors

There are two separate techniques required to cook the Tomatoes and the Onions

The heroes of this dish are, without doubt, those delicious Tomatoes and Onions. They look beautiful and taste amazing. Nailing the cook of each of these ingredients will make this a special dish to enjoy. The techniques for each are quite different, but the good news is you can cook them at the same time

Roast those beautiful Tomatoes in the Oven

Scatter the Cherry Tomatoes out over a large sheet pan that’s been lined with foil. Then, liberally douse them with good quality Olive Oil and a generous amount of Salt. The Tomatoes are then roasted in the oven for about 20 minutes at 350F

You’ll know when the Tomatoes are done as the skin will have started to blister, but not yet char. You don’t want to char the tomatoes as we will not be peeling the skin for this recipe. So, cook them up until that point, but not over. Remove the Tomatoes from the oven and let cool before beginning to assemble the Tart

While the Tomatoes are roasting in the Oven, prepare the Onions

We make a classic Caramelized Onion for this Tomato and Onion Tart with Goats Cheese recipe. The Onions will only need about 20 – 25 minutes cook time on the stove top, so you can prepare these while the Tomatoes are roasting in the Oven

Simply slice up the onion into long strands then place them into a saucepan along with some Salt and Butter over a medium heat. Usually when we caramelize Onions we cook them at a lower temperature (such as our recipe here), however for this recipe, crank the heat a bit higher to cut down on the cooking time. It’s all about ease, so we want to time the Onions to be done once those Tomatoes are cooked

Once the Onions begin to caramelize and turn golden-brown, they’re done. Remove from the heat and allow to cool along with the Tomatoes before you prepare the Tart for baking

Tomato and Onion Tart roasted tomatoes close up
There is so much flavor in roasting Tomatoes with Olive Oil and Salt. It’s simply delicious and brings so much flavor to the Tomato and Onion Tart

Perfecting the Pastry for your Tomato and Onion Tart with Goats Cheese

Ok so this heading may be a little bit misleading, as when it comes to Puff Pastry our recommendation is to not make it! The store-bought Puff Pastry is quite good when it comes to most recipes, so the sake of simplicity, which is what we’re all about, just go with the store-bought stuff! Trust us, we’ve watched enough of the Great British Bake-off to see how challenging making Puff Pastry from scratch so why risk it!

Puff Pastry is the best type of Pastry for this tart too. The flaky layers of light, buttery pastry compliment the tart so well. Surprisingly the structural integrity of the Puff Pastry holds up quite well to the density of the toppings too. You just need to ensure the pastry is fully baked through during the cooking process, as no-one wants to eat raw dough!

Tomato and Onion Tart with Goats Cheese side view
The best approach for serving this delicious Tomato and Onion Tart is to portion off individual pieces before adding the Goats Cheese and Balsamic

Good quality Balsamic Vinegar / Glaze adds a serious touch of luxury and decadence

For that added level of decadence we recommend drizzling over some really good quality Balsamic Vinegar to the Tomato and Onion Tart with Goats Cheese just before serving. You do not need a lot, as the flavor is very rich and intense

Good quality Balsamic has been concentrated over a long period of time, so it is literally a bottle of serious flavor. We’ve seen some bottles of Balsamic Vinegar which have been aged for over 100 years! I couldn’t imagine how intense the flavor would be! It does cost a little bit more money, but we highly recommend having some stored away for special dishes such as this

It is not an everyday ingredient, but when duty calls, such as the case for the Tomato and Onion Tart, it adds unbelievable depth to the dish

Recipe Details


4 people

Prep time

10 minutes

Cooking time

1 hour

Total time

1 hour, 10 minutes

Tomato and Onion Tart with Goats Cheese Recipe


  • 1 sheet of Puff Pastry
  • 1 Egg, beaten
  • 1 lb. Cherry Tomatoes, cut in half
  • 2 Red Onions, sliced
  • 3 tbsp. Goats Cheese
  • 1 tbsp. Balsamic Glaze
  • 4 sprigs of Thyme
  • 2 tbsp. Olive Oil
  • 1 tsp. Unsalted Butter
  • Salt and Pepper


  1. Spread the Tomatoes out on a large baking tray. Drizzle over 1 tbsp. of Olive Oil, and 1 tsp. each of Salt and Pepper and mix through. Lay all the Tomatoes cut side down so that none are overlapping
  2. Roast the Tomatoes in the Oven pre-heated to 350 degrees for 20 minutes
  3. While the Tomatoes are roasting caramelize the Onions by adding the Butter and Onions into a medium sized pot over medium heat. Continue to cook the Onions for 20 – 25 minutes, stirring frequently until they reduce and turn golden-brown
  4. Remove the Tomatoes from the oven and strain the juice through a strainer. Discard the juice and set the Tomatoes aside to cool

Tomato and Onion Tart with Goats Cheese preparation
Roast those delicious Tomatoes cut-side down and avoid overlapping for the best result
  1. Roll out the Puff Pastry into your desired shape then add a layer of the Caramelized Onions evenly across the Pastry, leaving ½ an inch border on each side
  2. Repeat the process for the Tomatoes so they completely cover the Onions, ensuring you keep the ½ inch border free of any toppings
  3. Fold over the sides to form a crust, then brush the edges with the Egg wash then bake in the Oven set at 350 degrees for 35 – 40 minutes
  4. Remove the Tart from the oven when baked and allow to cool before serving
  5. Just before serving, crumble a generous amount of Goats Cheese over the top and finish with a drizzle of Balsamic Glaze

There you have it! Our amazing Tomato and Onion Tart with Goats Cheese, topped with a Balsamic Glaze. Sure to impress anyone

We love this Tart as a nice appetizer before a lovely meal. Given the buttery richness of the dish we find it goes very well with a good piece of Steak. Check out our Reverse Seared Ribeye, and our Skirt Steak with Chimichurri as a main for this wonderful Tart

As always, thank you for checking out the recipe. Check out our socials to share how you went with this fun dish and Happy Cooking!

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