Perfect Scrambled Eggs
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How can what’s seemingly one of the simplest dishes become such an inconsistent thing to cook. Scrambled eggs are one of those dishes in our opinion. Everyone’s got a ‘secret recipe’ and all kinds of crazy stuff gets added to them to try and recreate the perfect scrambled eggs. In our journeys we’ve found the age old saying rings true here: ‘Simple is Best’

No need to add any weird ingredients like Cheese, Crème Fraiche, even Bacon Fat (we’ve seen it!). Just cook with simple technique and you’ll have brilliantly fluffy, tasty, scrambled eggs every time

What is the best technique to cook Perfect Scrambled Eggs

We have two techniques to cook Scrambled Eggs. They are both quite similar, however the slight adjustment in technique will change how the consistency of your Scrambled Eggs will be. Our two techniques use the same ingredients, the only difference is how consistent you want your Eggs, which we know can come down to personal preference

1. Technique for the Smoothest Scrambled Eggs Ever

If you love your Scrambled Eggs silky smooth, this is the technique to use. Add a little bit of Butter to the pan then while it’s melting, crack your eggs into a bowl. Whisk the Eggs thoroughly, so they are well incorporated and to the point that there are tiny air bubbles appearing around the edges of the Eggs

At this point, pour the Eggs into the Saucepan with the melted butter. Ensure that the heat is on low and whisk the Eggs. The key to achieving the smoothest Scrambled Eggs possible is to continuously whisk the Eggs while they are cooking. Basically, don’t stop until they are done. Also, do not be tempted to increase the heat to speed up the cooking process. Cooking on low, with constant whisking will produce stunning, velvety, creamy Scrambled Eggs

Perfect Scrambled Eggs Breakfast
In this recipe we’ll share the best techniques to make the Perfect Scrambled Eggs, every time

2. Technique for beautifully fluffy, chunky Scrambled Eggs

On the other end of the Scrambled Eggs spectrum are well cooked Eggs that are chunky and hold their shape on the fork. These Scrambled Eggs are just as tasty to eat, just a different texture to the option mentioned above

To make these Eggs, do everything the same as option 1, however you do not need to continuously whisk the Eggs in the Pan. You can use a Wooden Spoon to just move the eggs around every 20 – 30 seconds or so as they cook. The Egg consistency will end up being in between an Omelette, and the smooth Scrambled Eggs from Option 1. They’re both great Eggs, the consistency you achieve is in how you whisk them in the pan

Does adding Salt at the beginning or the end of making Scrambled Eggs matter?

This is an interesting one. There is plenty of debate in the food world about whether Salting your Eggs too soon will impact their overall color. Perhaps it makes a difference for more drawn-out Egg based dishes such as Quiches, but we’ve found it doesn’t really make much difference in Scrambled Eggs. This whole dish is ready in 5 – 7 minutes, so adding Salt at the start, or just before you eat the Eggs makes very little different to the color and flavor

So, it’s up to you. For our recipe below we’ve recommended adding Salt right at the end. This is more about managing the seasoning of the Eggs than anything else. Given you are literally cooking 1 Ingredient (ok 2, a little bit of Butter is added), then Seasoning at the very end of the process right before serving makes the most sense for Salt. Just sprinkle a bunch of Flaky Sea Salt over the top before serving

If you feel that the dish needs more Salt, then simply add more Salt, and take another bite. Scrambled Eggs don’t need to be fancy! Season as you go until you’ve got the perfect seasoning for your tastes for next time you make our Perfect Scrambled Eggs Recipe!

Recipe Details


2 people

Prep time

2 minutes

Cooking time

5 minutes

Total time

7 minutes

The Perfect Scrambled Eggs Recipe


  • 6 Eggs
  • ½ tsp. Salt
  • 1 tsp. Unsalted Butter


  1. Crack the eggs into a small bowl or glass and whisk thoroughly until you start to see some slight air bubbles appearing in the eggs. This process ensures we’re incorporating lots of air into the mixture which will result in an overall lighter, fluffier scrambled egg
  2. Add butter into a medium saucepan and heat on low. Once melted, pour in the eggs and stir continuously until the eggs are cooked but still slightly runny. Don’t be tempted to crank the heat to speed up the cooking process. Slow and low all the way here so be patient!
  3. Remove from heat. The residual heat from the pan will continue to cook them, so while you’re preparing whatever else you want with your eggs (eg: Toast, Bacon, Coffee, whatever!) the eggs will cook that final 5% and be perfect when you’re ready to serve
  4. Only when you’re ready to serve do you add the salt. Adding salt too early in the process won’t really affect the flavor, but the salt will wash out the color of the eggs and they won’t be that brilliant yellowy orange that is so appetizing

The key to these eggs is really in their consistency. By whisking thoroughly and stirring continuously throughout the cooking process brings out the silkiest texture of the eggs. That is the secret to making Perfect Scrambled Eggs!

Why not try enjoying these Perfect Scrambled Eggs with the classic Steak combination? Check out our delicious beef recipes here and come up with some delicious combinations. Happy Cooking!

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